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Asylum in the EU and Rule of Law Backsliding - April 8, 2021

Presented by Lilian Tsourdi In this presentation, Professor Lilian Tsourdi will examine the links between the state of asylum provision in the EU and challenges to the rule of law. Fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law are understood as the bedrock of European societies. Yet recent years have seen the EU plagued by populism, […]

The Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (CARFMS) and its Upcoming 2021 Conference: What Utopias Can Teach Us - April 7, 2021

Presented by Bruno Dupeyron After a brief overview of CARFMS and its main activities, we will explore the main theme of its 2021 biennial conference, “Utopias as Practices: Refugee Protection Regimes and Attainable Futures”.  Nowadays, utopia is commonly interpreted as an imaginary place, an idealized or visionary political or social system. The adjective “utopian” is often […]