The PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Program at McLaughlin College

What is PASS?

Pass sessions are peer/student led weekly collaborative learning sessions for students who want to improve their understanding of the content in selected courses that students have found especially difficult and challenging in the past among our McLaughlin College affiliated programs.  The weekly PASS sessions are designed to provide students enrolled in these courses the opportunity for regular review of and practice with their course material.

Why participate in PASS?

Students who attend PASS sessions regularly have a greater chance of acquiring effective strategies for learning course material and improving their study habits. Research has been proven that attending PASS sessions regularly will increase student academic performance.

What happens during a PASS session?

During these sessions, students will be able to discuss and collaborate with classmates to work through important concepts, develop study strategies and practice testing the course material.  In these sessions, students will also gain an opportunity to prepare for mid-terms and exams.

Who Are PASS Leaders?

PASS Leaders are peer student facilitators, who are not expected to re-teach course materials. Instead, they assist students in becoming independent learners by planning activities that encourage them to work together to process and to learn course material themselves.

McLaughlin College Affiliated Program Courses that have PASS Sessions

AP/PPAS 1110 3.0 – Introduction to Public Administration: Bureaucracy and Western Liberal Capitalist Democracy

AP/PPAS 2110 3.0 – Canadian Government

AP/PPAS 3300 6.0 -- Statistics for Social Sciences

AP/SOCI 2030 6.0 – Sociological Research Methods