The McLaughlin College Music Society

The McLaughlin College Music Society (MCMS) is one of the student clubs that is dedicated to all things musical at McLaughlin College. Comprised principally of McLaughlin College students, at all stages of their studies across all programs, who wish to advance, to preserve, to promote, and to assist in organizing musical activities and events at the College. This would include, but not be limited to, the maintenance of all its musical instruments, holding concerts, musical competitions, workshops, rehearsals, and music appreciation, in all its forms, for all members of the McLaughlin College community and the broader York University community.

The MCMS will be composed of an Executive consisting of the following:





Director of Communications

Director of Musical Activities and Events

Ex-Officio Members: McLaughlin College Council President;

                                    McLaughlin College Community Choir Director;

                                    Head of McLaughlin College.

The MCMS membership is open to all students who are affiliated with McLaughlin College. Other McLaughlin College, and York University, community members are welcomed to join the MCMS in a non-voting capacity to assist and to support the work of the MCMS in all its forms. As an example, the MCMS will support the McLaughlin College Community Choir (MCCC) in all its activities.

In addition, the MCMS will also endeavour to hold a “Freshers Concert” each year for all first-year students at McLaughlin College to help to welcome and to engage our first-year student musicians in our College’s great musical heritage and tradition.