The McLaughlin College Community Choir and the McLaughlin College Music Fund

One of the most exciting developments  at our College has been the establishment of the McLaughlin College Community Choir (MCCC), that is open to all members of McLaughlin College and the broader York University community. This initiative is rooted in our College’s great musical heritage and tradition, going back to our very first Head of College, Professor George Tatham, who was a great pianist himself. One of our College’s most famous Fellows was none other than Oscar Peterson, the world-renowned great Canadian jazz pianist and legend. The roots of our musical heritage and tradition go back to the very founding of our College.

The MCCC was established in the summer of 2019 when a new Board came together to help found the Community Choir under the leadership of Professor Stephanie Martin, Graduate Programme Director, in the Department of Music at York University. Professor Martin happens to be a leading authority on Community Choirs as well as an award-winning world-renowned composer, conductor, and musician. The very first member of the MCCC was our Choir Director, Sebastian Moreno, a highly talented and accomplished musician and highly experienced Community Choir conductor himself.

The MCCC meets every Wednesday evening from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm during Term for rehearsal and has a full slate of performances planned for the 2019-2020 academic year. All are welcomed to join the MCCC and/or support our Community Choir.

For those who are unable to participate in the MCCC but would still like to support its musical activities and events, we would welcome you to make a contribution to our McLaughlin College Music Fund (MCMF). This fund was established specifically to support all things musical at the College, including, of course, the  MCCC, the only Community Choir at York University. 

The MCCC, and its supporting fund, are instruments of community building and student engagement as well as musical appreciation and enjoyment for all those who are affiliated with our College, Faculty, and York University. We invite you to support our cause in furthering the quality of College life for all our students and those who support their efforts in achieving their higher education goals and career aspirations.

McLaughlin College Music Fund

Music is often called "the language of the soul" and "the spirit of life." It moves us in infinite ways and should be a part of any life. McLaughlin College has a rich musical history and tradition from our founding Master or Head of College, George Tatham, who was an accomplished pianists as well as academic administrator and scholar, to one of the most distinguished and world renowned Fellows of our College, the consummate jazz pianist and composer, Oscar Peterson, and many others, over the years, who have been an integral part of the life of our College. Our great musical College tradition needs to be renewed and rejuvenated and, in part, with the establishment of our very own McLaughlin College Community Choir. Your generous financial support will help to ensure that our new McLaughlin College Community Choir, and other exciting and necessary musical initiatives, will become firmly rooted in the life of our College and will help to provide that essential inspiration and joy to our entire community and, most importantly, to all of our students, as they further their higher education and progress in their growth and development as a "whole person," as our first Master or Head of College, George Tatham, insisted and emphasized. 

This short video features  the Chair of the Board of our new McLaughlin College Community Choir, Professor Stephanie Martin, Department of Music, York University, conducting  the Pax Christi Chorale.

Please make your contribution to the McLaughlin College Music Fund at the following web link:

Thank you, in advance, for your generous financial contribution.