Sport & Recreation

Message from The Sports and Recreation Vice-President of Athletics and Director of Athletics

Greetings from your VP of Athletics Elvin Thompson and your Director of Athletics David Wu! We are honored be to be selected as this year’s 2019 – 2020 Athletic Representatives for McLaughlin College.  Our goal for this year is to take the current athletics program at Mac and improve it by developing our culture, bringing new ideas & convincing constituents around the Mac community why coming out and at least trying to play sports and getting involved around the intramural community
can potentially change their entire university experience for the better.  When entering university, varsity teams are not the only way sports can be played competitively, as York is known to be one of the largest intramural schools in Canada. There are tons of students who love playing sports, however some may lack the knowledge about what intramurals are all about. There are sports for the competitive athlete, and also those for people who just want to play for the fun of it and have a fun way to relieve stress during the year. There is many different leagues, drops-ins and events that will be offered through our athletics program, and with so many options you’re bound to find one that’s meant for you!  What makes our athletics program very special is that we have the only other gym on campus which is led by Matthieu, our Dynamacs Manager who has dedicated his time to reshape Dynamacs into an accessible and inclusive workout space, and helping constituents around the community achieve their fitness goals. We also host a number of recreational events,
like tournaments for Smash Bros., NBA 2K, FIFA, League of Legends, and also casual game nights. McLaughlin is a college which has tons of talent, and it’s our job to show you why it would be worth a shot to come out and participate in intramural sports. Our goal is to get as much of the community involved in sports as possible as sports has been known to connect others around the community, make new friends, and create lasting bonds and memories. We encourage everyone to come out and
play a sport and participate in our recreational events. Intramurals welcomes everyone!

Here is a list of all the sports offered in each the FALL and Winter Term

Volley Ball (Co-ED)
Basketball (Co-ED) Ice Hock
Outdoor Soccer
Swimming, Inner tube
Rugby Tournament
Flag Football + Tournament (co – ED)
Ultimate Frisbee
Sports and Recreational section
Complex ONE Scavenger hunt tournaments and food

Rage Dodgeball/Volley Ball (All Night)
Ice Hockey (Orange Bowl)
Broom Ball
Badminton (Singles/Doubles)
Tatum Hall (Athletics meet/greet) Smash Bros, Fifa, 2K