Peer Mentoring

McLaughlin College is proud to host an active and engaging Peer Mentor network, which seeks to connect high-achieving, upper-year students with incoming first-year students in both the Fall and Winter semesters. Students are paired with McLaughlin affiliated students in order to facilitate accurate and program specific advice and assistance throughout the year. Many students require support when beginning their academic career, and the peer mentor network helps provide that through reliable and knowledgeable upper year mentors.

MacMentors are assigned to first-year students on Orientation Day, if they attend, or shortly thereafter if they are not present at Orientation. Any first-year students seeking to be paired with a mentor or hoping to retrieve the contact information of their previously assigned mentor can contact Vicky Carnevale at for more information. The McLaughlin College Academic Lifeline office (MALL office) is located on the ground floor of McLaughlin College and is open daily throughout the week. Students are encouraged to attend the office at any time in order to meet with their assigned mentor during their office hours, or to meet with any available mentor for assistance.

The Peer Mentor network ultimately aims to enhance the student learning experience, foster engagement in the McLaughlin College intellectual and social community, and support a successful transition into university for entry-level students. MacMentors hope to provide students with necessary information, personal support and connections, and opportunities to attend social events aimed at both MacMentors and new students. The wisdom offered by successful upper-year students is invaluable towards helping new students create effective and positive academic skillsets that are necessary to achieve their personal goals and succeed in their individual degrees.

Successful upper-year students will be contacted during the summer months in order to apply for a MacMentor position during the following academic year. MacMentors receive useful work-related experience, volunteer hours for their co-curricular record as well as many lasting relationships that will be essential to a positive and successful career.