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MacMedia is the official magazine of York University’s McLaughlin College.
Over 50 years ago MacMedia started as the official student newspaper for McLaughlin College and grew into the most significant student ran magazine
on campus. MacMedia is meant to support and represent McLaughlin College
and its students. It is published monthly throughout the school year as a
result of the dedicated work of a small team of selected members and the
generous funding of the McLaughlin College Students’ Council and the
McLaughlin College Master’s Office. The team of editors and writers behind
MacMedia works together to create new themes every month that range
broadly throughout the year, from the fun to the political, the bawdy and the
absurd. Everyone is welcomed to express their aspirations, concerns, views
and imaginings through MacMedia. We also host events that help raise money
for charitable associations; the events tend to match the theme for the month
and are composed of different activities that also promote the magazine. This
school year, MacMedia is going to focus more on our social media presence and
our events. We hire staff every year to contribute, further build and improve
MacMedia. If you have a passion for design, writing, editing, photography or
just got ideas to share, don’t hesitate to contact us at macmedia.eic@gmail.
com. Contributing to the magazine will further develop your creativity and
add to your university experience as a whole. Supporting MacMedia is a way
of supporting the big McLaughlin family. This new school year will bring many
opportunities for all the students and the college as well, let’s all enjoy it

Tonia Cristina
Macmedia Magazine