Academic Policy

Appropriate Conduct and Academic Honesty

All of the College’s policies and regulations conform to the University’s policies which are set out on pages 127-137 of the York Calendar. All students at York are expected to abide by the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty which is found at page 132 of the York Calendar.

Policy Statement on Frivolous, Mischievous or False and Malicious Allegations

All complaints of offensive, discourteous or unbecoming conduct will be thoroughly investigated, and where such complaints are substantiated the persons responsible will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. The College will not tolerate frivolous, mischievous, or false and malicious complaints and allegations made against other College members. The making of knowingly false allegations is itself a serious offence, subject to severe disciplinary action.

Complaints and Serious Problems

Any Complaints or Serious Problems Should be Brought to the Attention of the Master or College Academic Life Coordinator.