McLaughlin College Peer Mentors Network

Hello McLaughlin Students!

We are so excited to welcome you to York University’s official public policy college. Our college is home to eight outstanding programs that produce some of the university’s top academics who go on to fill positions in government, law, and much more. If you imagine yourself as one of these innovative, forward-thinking minds, we encourage you to get involved with McLaughlin College’s Peer Mentor Network.

Our Network is comprised of carefully selected, high-achieving upper-year students who are involved in university life, that are paired with groups of incoming first-years within their major. From orientation day to the end of winter exams, our mentors are here to support our students academically and socially, integrating them into the diverse and rich tapestry that is McLaughlin College. They bridge the gap between students and administration in the complex, new environment of post-secondary education.

This year you will be able to access the services of the Network in the virtual environment through booking online appointments with Peer Mentors as well as keeping updated with our year-round programming through social media. Our Network is proud to continue to provide aspects of college life through hosting online social events, updates for college and university programming, and partnerships with the Office of the College Head to launch initiatives that benefit all students at McLaughlin College.

We look forward to meeting you this year and navigating this new frontier together!

Jasmine Klassen and Jedd Kenedy, Coordinators for 2020-2021

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