McLaughlin College Peer Mentors Network

We are thrilled to welcome you back to another year at York University's official public policy college. Our college is home to eight outstanding programs and in turn it  produces some of the university’s top academics who will go on to fill high-ranking positions. If you imagine yourself as one of these overachievers, we encourage you
to get involved with the official McLaughlin College Peer Mentors Network.

Each year our Network comprises of several dozen carefully selected high-achieving, involved upper-year students that are paired with groups of incoming first years. From orientation day to the end of winter exams, our qualified mentors support our students academically and socially, integrating them into the diverse and rich tapestry that is McLaughlin College. They represent the much needed bridge between students and administration in the complex “jungle” of post-secondary education.

From September to April you are welcome to access the services of the Network, including peer editing for papers and informal guidance on course selection, by visiting us at the McLaughlin Academic Life Line office (M.A.L.L for short). In addition to drop-in help, our Network is proud to host popular social events, provides a bulletin for college and university events, and partners with the Office of the College Head to
spearhead initiatives that benefit all students at McLaughlin College.

We look forward to meeting you this year and remain at your service for all your needs.

Gil Segev and Lucas Amello,
Coordinators for 2019-20.