50th Anniversary Alumni Panel

Our second 50th anniversary alumni panel will feature four former McLaughlin College students who after graduating from York University, pursued a Law Career. The panelists will give us an insight into what it’s actually like to be a lawyer while sharing their own individual experiences. Poster: 50th Anniversary Alumni Panel-Poster_Feb 6_17 Speaker: Panel Date: Tuesday, February […]

A Legislative Island in an Ocean of Government: Service to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and the Office of the Assembly

The Office of the Assembly is a small office with a wide-ranging procedural and administrative responsibilities including: ensuring that the legislative process is followed, securing the parliamentary precincts, and providing the technology that members require to discharge their duties as elected parliamentarians. This talk focuses on the unique role of the independent, impartial and non-partisan […]


The First Anniversary of the Trump Presidency

Five Fellows of McLaughlin College will discuss the First Anniversary of the Trump Presidency: ROBERT DRUMMOND, University Professor Emeritus, Department of Politics and School of Public Policy and Administration, York University JERRY GINSBURG, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, York University IAN GREENE, University Professor Emeritus, School of Public Policy and Administration, York University DAVID LEYTON-BROWN, […]

"Fake News" and the Future of Journalism in the Digital Age

Theories of democratic citizenship often idealize news as an essential source of information for rational public debate. ‘Fake news’ – however defined – challenges this ideal and raises questions about the future of democracy. Social media have created a new public sphere that after a promising start, some argue, has been polluted by fake news. How should we understand fake […]

Open Data in Context: Balancing the Benefits of Openness

The growing interest in open data is borne of its perceived capacity to enhance transparency, accountability, and to strengthen democracy. Arriving on the heels of the open access movement and the creative commons licensing revolution, the open data movement, spearheaded by strong initiatives such as Open Science, serves as a marker for communicating a broader […]

50 Years of Residence Life, Alumni Panel

Our first 50th anniversary alumni panel will feature a group of former residents of Tatham Hall, McLaughlin College’s residence building named after its first Master, George Tatham. The panelists represent the residence life experience in four different decades, and thus will give us an insight into what is common, and what has changed, over McLaughlin’s […]

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Codes, Commissioners and the State of the Municipal Ethics Regime

Since its beginnings in 2006 the Code of Conduct and Integrity Commissioner system in Ontario has attracted criticism as it maintained a bifurcated approach to ethics and left Commissioners vulnerable without clear reinforcement of their independence. Earlier this year the provincial legislature enacted new legislation aimed at changing the system and enhancing its effectiveness. The presentation will focus on where […]