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McLaughlin's Lunch Talk Series

Listen to interesting speakers on a variety of topics and eat a free lunch! Students who attend 6 lunch talks over the year will receive a Certificate of Participation, while those who attend 10 talks or more will receive a Certificate of Active. Talks take place in the Senior Common Room.

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Join Us for the Critical Thinking Series

Join us for the 2018 Critical Thinking Series! The Importance of Critical Thinking for University Success Wednesday, January 17, 2018 Critical Thinking and Analytic Writing Part I Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Critical Thinking and Test-taking: Strategic Staging for Success – Part I Monday, January 29, 2018 Critical Thinking and Analytic Writing Part II Wednesday, March […]


Journalism, Critical Thinking, and News in an Orwellian Era

Critical Thinking is essential to university success. As citizens and consumers of news, we need to be able to analytically distinguish fact from fiction when reading the news and journalists have to take an evaluative stance in order to carefully research and report accurately. Noor Javed, will talk about the Orwellian world we live in […]


Managing Your Career in Precarious Times

Despite recent economic gains, the labour market is becoming increasingly precarious with the rise of continual layoffs, short-term contracting, and part-time work. It was within this new reality that Greg found himself at a painful crossroad, facing significant career challenges. Interestingly, his friends did not suffer from the changing work environment, but rather they seemed […]


Germany's Struggle to Form a Government

The German federal election of September 24, 1017 created no clear winner. In the more than five months since the election the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) under chancellor Angela Merkel has been struggling to put together a national government. The likely outcome of a "Grand Coalition" between the CDU, its Bavarian wing Christian Social Union […]

From Design to Delivery: Building the Royal Canadian Navy of the Future

Commanders Robert D’Eon and Helga Budden and Lieutenant-Commander Simon Summer will discuss their experiences and knowledge of naval architecture and design. They will also provide an overview of the Canadian Naval Shipbuilding Strategy programs, explaining the complexities involved in planning the Royal Canadian Navy of the future, and the role of Canadian Armed Forces members […]

Judging AI: Ethics and Accountability for Legal Algorithms

Parole decisions. Qualifying for welfare. Parking tickets. Predictions of criminal recidivism. Landlord and tenant disputes. Are we ready for a world in which decisions that have traditionally been made by human judges are made by algorithms? How, if at all, do models of judicial accountability map onto an environment in which rights-allocating decisions are the […]

Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Careers in Law Enforcement

This career presentation is a great opportunity to explore a career as a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The Royal Canadian Mounted Police offers a challenging and exciting career to those interested in making a difference in their communities and their country. Poster: RCMP_poster February 15_18 Speaker: Frank Di Biase Date: Thursday, […]


Climate Change: What on Earth is Going On?

The 2014 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns about record melting of the Arctic ice cap, rising sea levels, ocean acidification and more severe storms caused by increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by fossil fuels. Some scientists express concern about some climate change claims. This talk discusses how climate is affected by […]

Donor Anonymity in Canada: Practical and Moral Considerations

Many countries have banned the use of anonymous gametes, including Sweden, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Ireland, the UK, and the Australian state of Victoria (Nelson et al., 2016). This ban is usually justified on the grounds that donor-conceived individuals have a “right to know” their gamete donor. Many argue that Canada should follow […]