Sport & Recreation

Message from the Sport and Recreation Vice-President of Athletics and Director of Athletics


Hello McLaughlin Students,

Our names are Austin Khan and Alec Pichelli and we are proud to say that we will be your VP & Director of Athletics for the 2017-2018 academic year. We aim to make this year the best one yet. We want to help the students of McLaughlin College have a safe and fun way to de-stress from their daily lives through the Intramural program offered here at York and also with our own gym, Dynamacs, run by Dynamacs Manager Matthieu Thomson. Our goal, other than winning the Torch, is try and get the maximum amount of Mac students out playing sports and to build a strong foundation for years to come. We also hope to promote a healthy sports environment for all McLaughlin students. Our college has always had lots of hidden potential athletic-wise, and we really want to get everyone out to try all kinds of fun sports and activities!

We intend on putting all our effort into this job because we believe Intramural sports at York is a great way to connect and meet other amazing people but as well is probably the best way to relax yourself from a stressful day at school. Intramural’s is great for everyone as it caters to all athletes regardless of your skill set. They offer all kinds of sports ranging from soccer and basketball to the more obscure like broomball and inner-tube water polo so finding your sport will not be hard. Whether you’re looking for that one sport to dominate or just looking to have fun, McLaughlin Sports & Recreation Council is here to make sure you are able to do so to your fullest, and to make tons of friends while you’re at it! This year being Mac’s 50th anniversary we intend on making it the best one yet so come out and help us make McLaughlin College’s 50th year the best one!

If you need any help regarding intramural’s at York feel free to email us at or or come to room 143 in McLaughlin College. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for more athletics updates!

Your VP and Director of Athletics,

Austin Khan and Alec Pichelli

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