MacMedia Magazine


MacMedia magazine is proud to represent McLaughlin College for 50 years while also featuring quizzes, poetry, advice, and editorials from talented writers. I am excited to be involved in pushing MacMedia forward as we continue the original wit and humour. Every month, we will be covering all things McLaughlin as well as a variety of perspectives within an exciting theme. MacMedia is continuously evolving, so we are always welcoming your ideas and suggestions. Don’t hesitate to message me.

MacMedia is hiring, so if you are creative, passionate, enthusiastic, or even have a mild interest in writing, now is the time to join our team. If you want to become a writer or an editor, message me at This is a great opportunity to get creative while meeting fun new people. With this year “rise of the wolfpack”, there won’t be a dull moment at MacMedia!

Vanessa Butera