MacMedia Magazine


MacMedia Magazine has magnificently been representing McLaughlin College for the past 50 years. Throughout this time, MacMedia Magazine has become an integral part of McLaughlin’s fabric and has interwoven itself with the McLaughlin Community through various methods of engagement. This magazine has featured quizzes, editorials, Op-eds, surveys, poetry, art and advice from skilled writers. I am attempting to expand MacMedia’s presence throughout York University’s campus by having

it distributed throughout the campus and by publishing it frequently as well. Hopefully, we will publish every month with different topics based on social justice, sexual content, major McLaughlin events, major York University events and will include a variety of topics to satisfy everyone’s taste. We as a magazine are continuously evolving through the active participation of the McLaughlin and York University community. If you have any topics or suggestions for MacMedia Magazine, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Every year, MacMedia hires new writers who are enthusiastic and excited to contribute towards this magazine. Additionally, we are hiring layout managers, photoshop experts, InDesign experts and other creative beings to contribute towards the artistic portion of this magazine. If you are interested in becoming part of the MacMedia team, then please email your resume and cover letter to This is a brilliant opportunity for you to become creative, to meet new people and to strengthen your resume by gaining a robust experience. This year’s “Orange Takeover” will allow froshies to take over their college experience and their campus. With that ambition and planning, MacMedia will take over this campus as well.

Abdeali Saherwala
Editor-in-Chief, MacMedia Magazine