Facilities & Services

Mac Lounge (Rm 016 McLaughlin)
The MAC lounge is a great place to relax and unwind on campus. It currently has study spots, a pool table, Foosball, air hockey, table, a video games and entertainment center, and many more amenities to allow students to feel at home.

McLaughlin Junior Common Room (JCR) (Rm 014 McLaughlin)
A great quiet place to meet friends or relax. The JCR is the centre for Public Policy events as well as for a wide variety of McLaughlin's social and cultural activities.

McLaughlin Senior Common Room (SCR) (Rm 140 McLaughlin)
The Senior Common Room is reserved for Lunch Talks and Events.

Multi-Purpose Room (Rm 049 McLaughlin)                                                                                        This room is available through the Office of the College Head by contacting Lilian at 77082.

Oscar's Room (Rm 051)                                                                                                                                 Oscar's is a great lounge for students to study, meet and relax before and after class.

Art Gallery and Screening Room (Rm 001 McLaughlin)
McLaughlin now houses an Art Gallery/Screening Room. Students will have the opportunity to display their arts through the College's art shows. Film and Video presentations as well as exhibitions can be booked through the Office of the College Head.

The M.A.L.L. (McLaughlin Academic Life Line)
The McLaughlin Academic Life Line is staffed by students for students.

Club Offices (Rms. 002, 003, 017, 046, 107, 168FC)                                                                         Affiliation and Club Registration requires approval from the College Head and College Council, with the exception that our affiliated program clubs must be associated with McLaughlin College. Importance will be placed on relevance to McLaughlin’s focus on Public Policy, to our affiliated programs and to our community, and on how it benefits and involves McLaughlin Students.

Dynamacs Gym (Rm. 018)                                                                                                                         McLaughlin College is home to a small weight room, the only 24 hour gym on campus. It offers a full collection of free weights, supplemented by cardio and boxing equipment. The College Council Office handles the membership forms and fees. Questions and comments can be sent to dynamacs.mcc@gmail.com to reach the Dynamacs Manager.