Residence Life Coordinator

I'm the Residence Life Coordinator for Tatham Hall Residence. I am extremely excited to teach you about and to be a part of the traditions of McLaughlin College and Tatham Hall.

First, I want to welcome all of you to York University, which is full of tradition, spirit, and pride. In residence, we have a dedicated team of Don's and Porters who are excited for your arrival and to provide you programming and support throughout the year.

Our goals in residence are to provide you a safe and welcoming environment and to act as a home away from home. We will provide you with social and educational opportunities that will help your growth and development outside of the classroom. I encourage you to make the most of your time here at York and ensure you are shaping the experience you want at university by getting involved in residence, various clubs, and other areas of interest to you.

In residence, we foster many different academic and social interests. It is our dedication to self-governance, inclusiveness, respect, and appreciation for all cultures that makes Tatham Hall such a welcoming environment. We take pride in our community and encourage others to do so as well. I am always willing to meet or respond to any questions you may have and take suggestions that you have to help the Residence Life team provide you with the experience you are looking for!

I love working with students and their vibrant and varying views on the world. I have lots of interests especially in sports, music, film, and cooking.

I am excited for you to be part of the Tatham Hall and McLaughlin College community and can't wait to hear your stories and what you love about residence and the college. I want to wish you all the best of luck and I look forward to meeting and chatting with you at the various events throughout the year.

James Guthrie
Residence Life Coordinator
Tatham Hall
Phone: (416) 736-2100 x77091
Office: 106 Tatham Hall