Message from the College Head

David Leyton-Brown A university education is much more than the courses you take to complete your degree requirements. It includes all the learning experiences outside the classroom with fellow students and faculty. You should graduate from York not only with a degree, but with an education.

Your time in university will be among the best years of your life. You will learn the knowledge and skills that will prepare you for your career and for future changes in that career. You will be exposed to the fascinating world of ideas, and be invited to discover and pursue your passion. You will make friendships that will last your lifetime. You will change and mature, physically, emotionally and intellectually - in the transition from member of your family to autonomous adult. And above all you will have the opportunity to be an active member of a learning community - a social, recreational and intellectual community of students, faculty and staff who interact, work, play, think, question, study and learn together. McLaughlin is that kind of learning community.

McLaughlin is YOUR college. Like all good things in life, the more you put into it the more you will get out. Take part in the social, recreational, cultural and athletic activities. Join the clubs. Participate in the College Council. Attend the lectures and panels. Perform in one of our coffee houses, or just come to be part of the audience. Take advantage of the study groups, and advising and skills development opportunities. Get to know the fellows as people, and not just as distant and impersonal instructors.

Tell us what you are interested in, and help to make it available to others who share your interests.

I am a professor of Political Science, specializing in international relations and especially Canada-US relations. I have been Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and for eight years was the Executive Director of the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies where I was responsible for overseeing the quality appraisal of every master's and doctoral program in the province, and the audit of the review of the quality of undergraduate programs at every university in Ontario. That work on academic quality has convinced me of the importance of learning community. I am committed to making McLaughlin the best and most fulfilling learning community it can be for its students and fellows. Let me know how we are doing, and what more we could do.

Please join me in building your community.

David Leyton-Brown
Head of McLaughlin College
Office: 220 McLaughlin College