College Academic Student Success Leader, McLaughlin College

Welcome to all incoming York students and to all existing students in the departments and programs that are affiliated to McLaughlin College.

This is a new position that has been created to help improve the academic experience for York University students, particularly first year students.

I am here to help students find a better sense of community at York.

One way that will be done is through the peer mentoring network that will be set up through the College. A group of upper year students will be selected to assist first year students with their academic life at York. This will help with feelings of isolation and provide a contact point for information about various aspects of the York experience.

I will also be active, along with the Master of the College who is Professor David Leyton-Brown, in coordinating and helping with various dimensions of College activities.

Since becoming College Academic Life Coordinator, I have been impressed by the spirit of community life at McLaughlin College, and hope that more students can become involved and experience it for themselves.

I look forward to meeting with all of you at the College orientation in the second week of September.

Bruce Smardon
College Academic Student Success Leader, McLaughlin College
Office: 228 McLaughlin College
Telephone: (416) 736-2100