Peer Mentor / M.A.L.L.

McLaughlin College has an active peer mentoring network which helps students with the transition to university life by connecting first year students with an academically successful upper year student as a mentor. Every entering first year student will be assigned to a mentor, normally in the same program major. Research shows that students who engage and interact with their mentor throughout their first year benefit both psychologically and academically, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

Mentor groups are created for September’s York Orientation Day. First year students will meet their mentors, as well as other members of the mentor group, at the beginning of Orientation Day, and will spend the day together, as the mentors will guide the groups to various events and on a campus tour. By the end of the day, we hope that new relationships will be formed that will help students throughout the coming year.

During the first year, the peer mentor network will organize and present workshops, social events, and social media connections through twitter and Facebook to offer a variety of skills and supports, and to create communities of students helping one another. McLaughlin College also offers the MALL (McLaughlin Academic Life Line) office, which is located on the main floor of the College in the foyer near the entrance doors. Mentors will be in the MALL office from 9:00-4:00 every day from Monday to Friday throughout the academic year for informal drop-in advice.