greg levine

The Law of Government Ethics Nine Years On

DATE: March 17, 2016
12:00pm - 1:30pm, 140 SCR

In December of 2015 Westlaw/Carswell/Canada Law Book published the second edition of the book The Law of Government Ethics: Federal, Ontario and British Columbia. The presentation will focus on some of the major trends in ethics law, some of the technical changes in some areas and some problems vexing the growth and efficacy of this area of law.

greg levine GREG LEVINE is a lawyer whose work focuses on administrative, municipal and government ethics law and he is currently the Integrity Commissioner for five Ontario municipalities. He is the author of several books and many articles on areas and aspects of government ethics law and has been an expert in the policy panels of two major inquiries into ethics questions (Mulroney-Schreiber Inquiry and Mississauga Inquiry.

Greg Levine Lunch Talk Poster (PDF)

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