income tax

The Importance of Filing a Tax Return

DATE: March 31, 2016
12:00pm - 1:30pm, 140 SCR

income taxThe cost of a university education continues to rise, especially in Ontario, where tuition fees are among the highest in the country. Fortunately, there are a number of tax rules that can help offset the cost of university as well as a number of social benefit programs delivered through the tax system. But you can only access these funds if you file a tax return. In this workshop, Professor Magee will talk about the importance of filing a tax return every year even if you don't owe tax, and how easy it is to file.

JOANNE MAGEE has been a York University faculty member since 1991 and has supervised student volunteers in York University Tax Clinics since 1995. Her research interests include personal financial planning and small business. She is a Fellow of the Financial Planning Standards Council and CPA Ontario and a former governor of the Canadian Tax Foundation. She currently serves on the Income Tax Education Committee of CPA Canada.

Joanne Magee Talk Poster (PDF)

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